Twin3 Website Redesign

When Twin3 was first formed, due to the sudden rush of work that we had to do we only had time to throw together a very basic poster website with some contact details on to pass around. We have since decided to put some time to the side in order to give the Twin3 website a refreshed look and feel in order to include more information.

What did we want?

We aimed to build a responsive website that would still be simple, yet professional enough to show off our skills that would work well on both mobile and desktop alike. We required a revamp on some of the existing sections so we could start including things like in-house written articles and how-to guides to help visitors out, we also wanted to include a better contact us screen and include more information about the company itself.

Time limit

We set ourselves 7 days in order to get everything complete, from design to development to publish – in the end it took us only 3 days to achieve and we had a huge amount of fun doing it!

What is the website built using?

The website is built using ASP .NET technology, this means that we have background server-side code that is invisible to the user but it enables us to do much more advanced UI layouts.
We have a database running in the background holding our article information, this means we can update and add new articles without having to re-publish the website each time, this means less down-time and a much more fluid experience for any users.
The website UI is built up using HTML5 and CSS3, you’ll likely notice some of the subtle animations we’ve added in; all of those are built with CSS which is much quicker than using JavaScript to hack the UI around like we used to have to do!

Is this the final version?

Websites should get recycled every few years at a max, this is so the company can maintain a more modern approach to its users. Design methodologies change over time so something we currently view as being a brilliant idea could, three months down the line, be seen as terrible practise! Websites go in and out of fashion much like clothing does and if you want to keep an ‘in-fashion’ website a redesign is a necessity! This of course is not the only reason redesigns are required, for the Twin3 website we will likely separate certain sections out as we add more content, in order to keep the sections from growing too much and making the front screen too large.

Below are a few of the many skills that we used to develop this project...