Project Waterfall

Project Waterfall was an in-house project we took on to give us something to work on in our spare time which would result in an app which gave users the ability to record video and publish to a shared board.

What we wanted to achieve

Expanding our knowledge was at the forefront of what we hoped to achieve but we also wanted to try our hand at developing a social networking app simply to see if we could! We had a few key points that we needed to cover:

  1. The app must be cross-platform so it had to work for both Android and iPhone
  2. It had to provide a super easy interface in order to be useable by all age groups and those with different skill levels.
  3. The video captured must stand out quality-wise above other social networks by being HD but also be compressed in a manner that kept the quality and was still fast to upload and download
  4. We didn’t want the app to seem intrusive by asking a million sign up questions, we should only take what we needed and leave it at that
  5. It must be self-sustaining. The technology that we would be using wasn’t going to be free to use and instead would incur a monthly fee. To avoid the app slowly draining us of money we needed to implement something within the app that would help generate income so it can keep itself afloat

Troubles we came across

The biggest problem we had was about half way through the project when we discovered that the only way we could implement a particular type of advertising into the app would result in us basically hacking some code together – we don’t like hacky code at Twin3 so we decided to re-think the process which resulted in us deciding to recode the project using a different Cross Platform library (We had been using Cordova and decided to move over to React Native). Whilst this was an issue at the time it was completely the right thing to do as we soon found React Native was so much better than we could have imagined.

How it stands now

Project Waterfall shortly become known as Fomli. The HD video sharing network that works as good as we had hoped. We still continue providing updates for the app and its users and are always finding new ways to help speed up certain sections of the app. Fomli can be downloaded from the Android Play store and the Apple App store now! See the download buttons below if you’re interesting in checking it out!


Below are a few of the many skills that we used to develop this project...