About Us

Twin3 is a mobile app and website development company that was founded in 2017 by 3 highly skilled individuals with over 25 years combined experience in the computing and design fields.

It became repetition with each of the members constantly seeing poorly made websites and mobile applications that were far from worth the money that the customer had paid. We thought we could do it better. For this reason, we decided to start Twin3. Our prime goal is to build websites and apps to the highest quality standard, and to provide an exceptional customer service experience which goes above and beyond what the customer expects.


Neil Palethorpe

Neil is our front end developer and design expert. He has experience primarily with web based technologies such as JavaScript however he also has large experience using native languages Objective C, Java and several .NET languages.

Neil graduated from De Montfort University with a BSc (Hons) in Computing, shortly after he joined a growing business who dealt with EPOS tills where he managed their website and app division, overlooking the design, creation and maintenance of the apps and websites he had developed for their customers.

Neil has a strong passion for Programming and Design. Feel free to check out his Instagram for a more personal looking into his coding life! @npalethorpe

Front-End Programmer + UI Designer


Harry Faulkner

As one of the Twin3 Directors, Harry coordinates our business strategies, including our relationships with customers and our approach to projects.

Harry also manages back-end databases and servers, usually using cloud-hosted solutions such as AWS.

Harry has always had a love for technology! After finishing his education, graduating from De Montfort University with a BSc (Hons) in Computing, he decided to continue following his passion which is working with computers.

Database + Projects Manager


Keith Jackson

Keith brings his wide variety of business experience to help Twin3 creatively solve problems and efficiently program their solutions.

After graduating from university Keith began working in schools, fashion retail, construction and transport he soon realised projects could be solved more elegantly and decided to bring this enthusiasm to the Twin3 team.

With an eye for new technologies and expert programming skills, Keith is Twin3's go-to back-end programmer and solution architect.

Back-End Programmer + Solution Architect